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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I cannot login. It said something about login limitations and I don't remember the code. What should I do? 

A: You will need to clear your cache. Sometimes if you do not log out properly the system the system thinks you are still logged in (code 34). Clearing the cache usually fixes the issue.

Q: I want to login with another user ID but when I click the channel it takes me directly in, bypassing the login screen. 

A: You clicked on the "Remember Me" box on the login page. Clear your cookies and that user ID will be forgotten.

Q: I cannot add to the playlist and/or my playlist is gone, what can I do? 

A: You most likely linked in from the state site without logging in using your login credentials. Log out in the upper right hand corner then login with your credentials and your playlist will be visible.

Q: How do I add users? 

A: You will need to contact customer support at 800-475-3456. We will need the names and email addresses of the new users.

Q: How do I play the video content? 

A: When reading the learning segment information card, cursor over the card and click to play the video.

Q: I created a Playlist.  Is it available when I return at a later date?

A: Yes. You may create and change a playlist at anytime, but you must choose "Save Playlist" or it will be removed. 

Q: Why doesn't the scroll bar allow me to read the content on a page?

A: There are 2 scroll bars.  An inner scroll bar for reading program content on a page, and an outer scroll bar for moving the entire screen.  To allow the inner scroll bar to be seen, just widen (drag) the screen page horizontally.  The inner scroll bar appears only when the content to be viewed has more lines of text than the available window can fully display.

Q: Video will not play. What do I do when I get the message: Error loading playlist. Error loading file?

A: You need to download the latest version of your browser. Click your browser of choice to link to a free download.
    - Chrome
    - Firefox
    - Internet Explorer  Not recommended. Microsoft no longer supports IE.
    - Safari